Welcome to Ayle Farm. We are located at Ayle Foods, Ayle, Oola, Co. Tipperary.

Here we grow some of our own vegetables & fruit. In our purpose built kitchen we produce award winning Artisan Chutneys, Juices, Relishes, Cooking Sauces and Preserves. Anything we don’t grow ourselves we source from other local suppliers.

The farm was bought in 2005 and is owned and run by Peter & Lorraine Randall.

Peter gained a Diploma in Speciality Food Production from University College Cork in 2011/12

Whilst not a certified organic farm, we do farm using organic style methods. These were learnt whilst undertaking a commercial organic growing course that Peter did in 2010/11 at the Nano Nagle Centre in Cork. The course was delivered by Jason Horner a well known organic grower.

We are members of the Tipperary Food Producers Network.

You can check out what markets we go to by looking at the Markets page and check out the news page for details of up-coming in-store tastings.

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